I always felt like God wanted me to do photography to show the world how I see Gods thumbprint in  almost everything around me. Photography really made me passionate and have so much reverence for my relationship with God and the natural world. It saved my life many times. I was feeling incredibly depressed and sad just feeling overwhelmed with life and decided to listen to Gospel music to cheer me up because it always seems to make me come alive. I am a big cheese ball so yes this song really sings to my soul. Lol anyway, I was listening to this song, Gratefulness by Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir and the words started to resonate with me so much so that I started feel this intense overwhelming feeling of joy and gratitude despite everything wrong in my life… I started to see my life flashing before my eyes through all these amazing scenes of images I’d taken and as I listened to the song I started to cry so hard like God really blessed me. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful scenes and I’m sure you have too so maybe the point of the whole video is gratefulness which I can seriously lack at times. I hope you enjoy my video. 


#gratefulness #grateful #godbless #hezekiahwalker #thelovefellowshipchoir #pnwwonderland #washingtonstate #sanfrancisco #california #photography

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