Thank you CAFE del SOUL!!!

🎨Sadly yesterday was the last day Secrets of Venus was featured at the cafe.

Thank you to everyone who came out, and a special thank you to Tiffany and the team at @cafedelsoul for believing in me and giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my artwork with your customers!

If you haven’t been there, they have amazing healthy food, juices and teas and super close to hiking, beaches and more!
Lastly, another thank you to my Mom and little sister for helping me with installation and break down, photos, and watching my little puppy Peanut so I could do all of this. Happy Friday!!! 💕


cafedelsoulmeandtiffany12x12stopandsmelltherosescafedelsoul212x12hypnoticlovesecretsofvenus2me2secretsofvenuscardsfloating lotuscafedelsoul

#secretsofvenus #featuredartist #cafedelsoul #millvalley #marincounty #art🎨 #sanfranciscoart

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